HR Analyst Day: Day One Recap

HR Analyst Day: Day One Recap
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This week I am partnering with Jessica Miller-Merrill of Workology on HR Analyst Day, which is a bit of a misnomer because it’s actually running most of this week as we talk to dozens of amazing technology providers across the spectrum from engagement to recruiting to talent insights and more.

Transparently, we do a great job of connecting with the vendor community through things like regular briefings, our awards program, the HR Tech Talks livestream show, and more. This event gives us another way to share some of those stories with you as a leader in your organization and educate the market on the providers solving real problems today.

Each day I’ll post an update with some of the key takeaways and insights from the providers we spoke with and what I found most intriguing during some of the conversations. Without further ado, let’s get into what happened on Day One.




What they do: PeakOn is an engagement survey platform that helps employers understand what is going on with their people and how to take action to drive engagement.

My thoughts: we know that survey tools and platforms are powerful for measuring and driving employee engagement,

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