How Workday’s CFO and CIO Collaborate

How Workday’s CFO and CIO Collaborate
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On the latest “CXOTALK,” hosted by industry analyst Michael Krigsman, Workday’s President and CFO Robynne Sisco and CIO Sheri Rhodes share insights on why the finance and IT partnership is more crucial than ever. 

As Sisco explains during the latest installment of the series: “It’s about the finance and IT organizations coming together to support the strategic objectives of the company, and a strong relationship between the CFO and the CIO will build the foundation for companies to innovate and to grow. That becomes critically important, particularly in a world that’s changing as fast as it is today. ”

Other topics of conversation include: 

How, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, IT supported a new way for finance to get deeper insights into accounts receivable to better understand risks by industry.  How using Workday helps Sisco and Rhodes better understand the needs of customers and influence product development. Why agility is more important than ever, and how finance and IT can stay aligned no matter how quickly they need to pivot. Why Workday is now practicing continuous planning while at the same time modeling a broader range of possible outcomes than ever before.

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