How Workday Launch Provides Customers Quick Time-To-Value

How Workday Launch Provides Customers Quick Time-To-Value

When COVID-19 became more widespread, we didn’t know what to expect from life in quarantine but more than three months later, we’ve started to adapt. Some things we used to do are completely different, like virtual school and Zoom happy hours. But other things haven’t changed at all, like doing laundry, paying bills, and cleaning house. 

Our customers face an even stranger trifecta. Some business needs have dramatically changed, like managing everything remotely, while others have stayed consistent, like the demand for reliable finance and HR systems. However, the need for those systems to be flexible, cloud-based, and rock solid, has gone from important to critical. Today, many companies looking for new finance and HCM solutions need functionality they can use fast.

That’s why we’re expanding Workday Launch and making it available to qualified large enterprises in the U.S., with plans to reach additional markets around the world in the next year. We know that every customer journey is different, but we always aim to provide quick time-to-value with our deployments, so customers can focus on what matters most—protecting their businesses, keeping employees safe and productive, and planning for what’s next.

Deployments with a Head Start

Workday Launch was initially

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