How We Can Collaborate to Empower the Future Workforce

How We Can Collaborate to Empower the Future Workforce
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The world of work has been undergoing change for years, driven by technological, economical, and societal factors. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated and intensified those changes. 

We see it in the way jobs are changing. In industries most impacted by the pandemic—including healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, entertainment, and tourism—jobs must adapt to shifting business models. Affected workers are having to gain different skills and must also have a way to show how their existing skills are valuable in new roles. And with more people working remotely, the need for digital skills has intensified for all types of jobs.

At the same time, the pandemic has dramatically altered our economy, resulting in high unemployment and making it difficult for an increasing number of people and families just to make ends meet. 

There are many reasons why we’re so focused on the future of work, and we believe there’s never been a more important time than now to be talking about it. Since day one at Workday, our specialty has been building technology that puts people first. Helping people work most effectively, sharing the skills they need in order to grow, and making opportunities available to people—all people—are deeply

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