How Training Makes the Journey to Success Tenable

How Training Makes the Journey to Success Tenable

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By Bob Oppenheim, Principal Customer Success Manager

Remember the days when drivers relied on paper maps to get them from point A to point B? And when the map reading proved futile, drivers pulled into the nearest service station, only to be told, “You can’t get there from here.” 

When implementing an enterprise application in the cloud, developing an end user education strategy will ensure that you can get there from here. 

Simplify the Path to Adoption

Cloud-based software is updated continuously. To make the journey from point A to point B less complicated, be sure to know the answers to these questions:

Is your staff aware of the changes? Has your organization dedicated a team member(s) who can articulate the updates that will be included in subsequent releases? Is there an opportunity to meet with stakeholders on a regular basis to explain how those changes will benefit the organization?

Organizational demands are dynamic, so having a strong training program in place will help ensure your cloud-based solution can be adapted to meet changing demands. An integrated training program can accelerate deployment and adoption of your cloud application by ensuring your staff has the skills to implement, administer, optimize, and use your applications. 

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