How to Use Candidate Personas in Your Hiring

How to Use Candidate Personas in Your Hiring

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Customer personas have been used for years to develop more effective, targeted marketing strategies. Also known as “buyer personas,” they help marketers identify and evaluate potential customers and clients. 

This same process can help recruiters be more effective in communicating with and identifying prospective job candidates. Basically, a candidate persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal candidate, depicting things like a name, a job title, key demographic information, and the characteristics, skills, values, and other traits that your perfect hire will possess. For starters, they can be used to:

Create more compelling job descriptions Identify key candidate characteristics that better fit your culture Better align your sourcing strategies so that you can attract the right talent more quickly Allow you to start building talent pipelines and talent communities 

To develop useful personas, it is wise to gather data and do some research for each key position you are trying to fill. Don’t simply go by your gut. This can take some time, so don’t attempt to create personas for every open requisition, but instead, focus on your mission-critical roles (some companies call these strategic roles) and your hardest to fill roles. Alternatively, you can focus on job families, such

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