How to Transform Talent Practices With Skills

Most of the talent field agrees that job descriptions are either poorly written, or just plain ineffective ways of attracting, finding, and selecting people.

An alternative is to hire people based on skills.

Eightfold talked about an alternative, hiring people based on their skills, in a recent webinar.

With this approach, you would:

Find people by skills and not job description. Eightfold’s AI shows that there are 1.4 million skills. A company can use that library of skills to select the skills it wants, and find people who have those skills. The job description can say “I’m looking for these skills” instead of the traditional vagaries like, “We’re looking for a passionate go-getter who’s a team player.”

Evaluate based on skills. When evaluating a candidate, a company can determine what skills are “validated”; what skills a person has not listed in their resume but they’re likely to have; and what skills a candidate appears to not have.

Show candidates why they should apply. On a career site, a job seeker can upload a resume and see how their skills match open positions (as opposed to what almost always goes on with career sites: finding jobs you don’t fit for, and

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