How to Navigate Your HR Data Challenges

How to Navigate Your HR Data Challenges

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GDPR challenges remain salient for technology leaders as they continue to collect data from customers in Europe, while businesses in California are navigating the new California Consumer Privacy Act. Alongside security compliance, leaders must focus on the finer details of how they manage consumer information or face the prospect of steep fines and litigation. 

At the very core of security and compliance are design, a topic that Stuart Felsteadm and Ben Lidell. Both respectively head Oracle’s security practices and customer center of excellence to ensure innovation is constantly being met. Both are located in the United Kingdom and sat down with Frank Cowell of Cloud Talk Radio to discuss the ongoing issues surrounding both pieces of legislation and what customers should be aware of. 

My first question is to Stewart. GDPR has been in force for the last 12 months, isn’t this old news now?

SF: I think the simple answer is yes and no. I think everybody’s aware of GDPR and I think a lot of organizations put a lot of effort into meeting the bare minimum requirements of compliance about 12 months ago. At Oracle, we did a great job of helping our customers achieve that with the implementation

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