How to Get the Most from Your Recruitment Data

How to Get the Most from Your Recruitment Data

Dr. John Sullivan suggests that 30% of top recruiting organizations have made data-driven recruiting a top priority for 2020 – but how do you drive a left-brain recruiting mentality throughout your own organization?

Before running at this project, make sure you can articulate why you are going through this effort and what you hope to achieve by doing it.  For most companies, each of these steps will lead to a different set of actions and priorities. Some top reasons to move to a data-driven approach:

Move towards data-driven budgeting decisions (or more data-driven).Identify and measure efficiency opportunities (make your money work better).Create a construct to test new products, ideas, etc., to success before wide-scale roll-outs.All of the above, and then some.

To get started, you will need to follow a simple plan:

Track key eventsTrack key performance indicatorsBaseline your dataBenchmark against yourself Benchmark against your peers

Understanding what you are measuring and how you can use that data is just as important as the actual changes that you will make. Inside each of these steps, take time to understand if you are tracking and measuring the right things and seek out opportunities for small improvements, both in the process (macro-view across all jobs)

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