How to find RNs to hire during COVID-19

How to find RNs to hire during COVID-19

As we barrel into this COVID-19 crisis, the hospitals and other front line medical centers are facing a secondary crisis: people. How do they get people, who were already in short supply, to come strap on a mask and help the potentially hundreds of thousands of imminent patients that are about to overrun our hospitals?

These highly skilled positions can’t be filled by just anyone; candidates require medical licenses. Consequently, the competition for these folks has increased. Here is some data, and apologies for the Econ 101 baked into this explanation.

Nursing jobs (demand) in the US haven’t increased:

But nurses looking for jobs (supply) has decreased in the last three weeks:

The result of the same number of people seeking nurses but fewer nurses seeking employment is that the market has become tighter, and it’s now harder just to get your jobs in front of an interested nurse. In fact, the average CPC for RN positions has gone up 48% last week over February (Source: Appcast Jan-Mar 2020).

But that’s not all that’s happening. Apply rates for RNs are flat from February, but down about 9% from January. What this means is that the people who are looking for

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