How to Craft a Strong Remote Employer Brand When You Recruit and Hire Online

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When the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of people into remote-work arrangements, it also forced thousands of employers to rethink their recruiting and hiring strategies.

Companies that have embraced remote work as a viable option in the post-pandemic economy now find themselves with exponentially larger talent pools because, for them, talent is now unbounded by geography.

Further, having a remote (or partially remote) workforce can drive up retention rates and employee engagement, John Hazan, Dan Schwartz, Nate Anderson, and Andriana Diez at Bain & Company write.

Fluency in remote work is now a competitive advantage for companies. “In a world shaped by global competition, emerging skill shortages, and changing demographics, remote working could be a key enabler for companies to more effectively deploy their workforce,” writes Raphael Bick and his collegues at McKinsey. 

“Virtual approaches to work can also be a competitive advantage to attract a wide array of employees, including working mothers, professionals who want more flexible lifestyles, as well as broader international talent.”

While day-to-day workflows are finding ways to thrive in a virtual environment, however, remote recruiters and employer brand-builders working from home are having to make a harder pivot.

Employer branding has long been a digital discipline,

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