How the Pandemic Amplifies Demand for Finance and HR Collaboration

Although the pandemic has been wreaking havoc on best-laid plans, it didn’t alter trends—instead, it accelerated them. And leaning into many of these pre-pandemic trends—slight breezes that turned into gale-force winds—is how many businesses are navigating our uncertain era. 

“That’s hard to see clearly when you’re in the midst of a crisis that we’re in,” says Max Caldwell, principal with The Hackett Group, in the Workday-sponsored webinar, “How Finance and HR Leaders Partner to Strengthen the Workforce in Times of Crisis.” “But I think the smart organizations and leaders are going to keep one eye on the present, one eye on the near future, and try to make balanced decisions with both in mind.”

From upskilling talent to investing with growth and opportunity in mind, here’s how trends identified earlier this year are playing out amid an unprecedented landscape.

Quantify Revenue-Generating Value of the Workforce

Earlier this year, the “2020 CFO/CHRO Sentiment Study” conducted by AchieveNEXT highlighted critical areas to bolster and strengthen finance and human resources partnerships. More than 600 finance and HR leaders from middle-market businesses and emerging enterprises across North America participated in the study.

Among the findings include 90% of finance and HR leaders ranking “customer

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