How the Atlanta Braves Are Elevating Inclusion for All

When DeRetta Rhodes, senior vice president of human resources for the Atlanta Braves, reflects back on her career, she notes it wasn’t easy to get to where she is today. Her journey wasn’t always comfortable, and at times, it was made up of people who didn’t support her. As a Black woman, Rhodes had to overcome many barriers as she rose through the ranks.

However, Rhodes acknowledges that barriers exist for everyone, not just for people of a specific gender or race. And she believes there’s only one way to break barriers down—with perseverance. 

“My barriers didn’t barricade me from the success that I wanted to have. They allowed me to pivot and think differently. It didn’t end the book, it just changed the chapter,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes brings plenty of her trademark perseverance to her current role with the Atlanta Braves. As the head of HR, she’s focused on removing barriers and elevating diversity and inclusion among the team’s fans, staff, and community. To learn about how she’s building a culture that values inclusion for all, watch her keynote at Workday Rising, which took place in October 2019, with Carin Taylor, chief diversity officer at Workday.

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