How Is a Job Ad Exchange Different from a Job Distribution Engine?

For many years, companies have relied on job distribution from their ATS or from companies such as eQuest or Broadbean (now owned by CareerBuilder) that allowed a recruiter to take a job and instantly send it to many different job boards. The time savings was immense, and as companies adopted this technology, the technology took a time-consuming and tedious task (logging into each job board, copying and pasting the title, job, etc., and posting the job) and automated it. It was a simple, one-way street, where the job distributor made all the decisions and was responsible for the successful transfer of the job posting to each respective job board you wanted the job to be on.

Job distribution had a second incredibly helpful feature: inventory management. Over the years, companies started pre-purchasing their job postings in big groups to use throughout the year.  But that created its own challenges: Some recruiters would be judicious and only post some jobs, others would post everything, and still others would post and refresh those jobs – each of these actions “used” a job posting from the inventory. Companies would run out of postings before the end of the year.

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