How Child Care Impacts the Coronavirus Recession

How Child Care Impacts the Coronavirus Recession

During our July 16th webinar, Fall Hiring: Three Scenarios to Plan for Now, Leah Daniels, SVP of Strategy at Appcast, shared a wealth of information and lots of data. Some of the most noteworthy statistics are those that show the link between business reopening and child care.

Leah pointed out that one in three U.S. employees have kids at home. Once you consider the implications of “kids at home,” you can understand the push to reopen schools.

Take a look at these numbers, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

U.S. population: 328 million (2019)Working population: 158 million (Feb 2020)Number of US family households: 83 million (2019)Two-adult family households with kids: 35 million (70 million adults)35.8% of two-adult households have one income: 12.5 million

35 – 12.5 = 22.5 million two-adult households with kids (45 million working adults)

Single-parent households: 13.5 million

Actually, that’s more than one in three employees with kids at home. It’s 37% of the workforce.

School daze

School isn’t only the place where children go to learn academics and social skills. It’s the place many working parents rely on for child care. Education professionals may not like this characterization, but the pandemic has revealed it to be

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