How Career Switching Differs Among Generations

How Career Switching Differs Among Generations

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By Kerry Nutley, Human Capitam Management Strategy Director, UK&I for Oracle and David Young, DY Associates 

I was scrolling through LinkedIn and saw an article by Raja Jamalamadaka entitled ‘If your employer doesn’t see the real value in you, it’s time to for a fresh start’. Having just started a new job myself, it got me thinking: why do we stay in roles longer than we should?

My last organization had an above average tenure and churn rate below 5%, and so I’ve dealt with both the positives and negatives this type of culture can create as an HR Director.  We know for Generation Z and Millennials this seems to be less of an issue, as they favor the career hop; meanwhile Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Generation X generally prefer stability and predictability. Swapping roles, employers and careers seems to feel a bit harder for us.

Of course people want to work and continue to work for great employers, yet staying too long in a role can build resistance to change, and restrict new ways of thinking. How many times have we heard as HR professionals the words ‘It was better in the old days when…’ as people show a

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