How Automating Your Social Media Recruitment Efforts Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

How Automating Your Social Media Recruitment Efforts Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Studies show that job seekers prefer social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as a means of looking for better prospects. So, whether you are looking for fresh graduates, experienced professionals or someone in between, there is no better place to tap top choice candidates and promote your employer brand than these popular platforms.

But, the modern recruitment process is all about being quick and responsive. So how do you search for the right fit on these platforms that have users in billions? Organizations that don’t want to be out-recruited by their competitors are taking advantage of ATS-integrated social media recruitment. Are you?

While social media is an excellent resource to identify, attract, and engage active and passive talent, recruiters often end up spending hours every day posting jobs, downloading resumes, screening profiles, and sending interview emails. That’s a significant commitment of time and effort!

Automating the social media recruitment process enables recruiters to spend less time on social media and more on the interview table. Whether you are a startup owner or a hiring manager in a large corporation, ATS-integrated social media recruitment will be of great assistance.

So, if you are still doing social media recruitment manually, it’s high time you stop immediately. With an ATS, you can automate job postings on all popular social platforms, monitor the performance of every social channel, track candidates at a glance, keep them engaged and still stay focused on hiring the best talent and building great teams without feeling fatigued.

ATS-integrated social media recruitment is something that employers simply cannot overlook today. With ATS-integrated social media recruitment, your chances of hiring high-quality candidates will increase significantly. Moreover, you won’t have to go through the stress and hassles of sorting, screening, sharing, and reporting!

Want to learn more about this innovative tool that will make your life easy and work effective? Then check out this infographic below. It showcases insightful stats of social media recruitment and does a great job of comparing manual vs. automated social media recruitment.