Hiring Neurodiverse People

Hiring Neurodiverse People
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“Neurodiverse people often possess remarkable technical and problem-solving capabilities. Because of the unique lens through which their brains view the world, they end up being very good at seeing patterns, making unlikely connections, and surfacing insights that others miss.” - Heather Bussing


Hiring Neurodiverse People


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It is said that every society is three meals away from chaos. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that it doesn’t even take missing meals for the chaos to appear. One day people are dropping clip art into their latest slide deck; a few weeks later, they’re hoarding toilet paper, screaming at unmasked strangers, ordering pounds of yeast, and hosing down their mail with bleach.


Many of us are having a really hard time with the fear and uncertainty. People are reporting heightened anxiety and depression. We struggle with the isolation. Liquor stores are doing a brisk business.


People are struggling to make sense of scientific facts about how a virus spreads and how to slow the spread.


It would be great to have some of our best historical thinkers here to assess the data and give us advice. We could

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