Hireology’s Mobile App FAQ

Hireology’s Mobile App FAQ
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Yesterday, we unveiled Hireology’s mobile app to help speed up your hiring process even more. We had some questions come in from our audience that we wanted to share here with all of our customers who may be interested in trying the new app. Also, if you missed our mobile app webinar and want to check it out, you can watch it now! 



Looking to download Hireology’s mobile app? Tap to visit the Google Play or the Apple App Store right now.

Mobile App FAQ Other than when declining or advancing candidates, is there a way to use our Email and SMS templates? 

With the first release, email and SMS are only available as part of the applicant review process. The team has started development on expanding communications to allow you to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process. We are excited to share this work with you closer to release. 

Can you personalize new email templates? 

Currently, you can customize the individual messages, but not the templates. This feature will also be part of the expanded candidate communications. 

I use the Hireology web experience on my phone. Why would I use the app if

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