Hireology’s Healthcare Beat Series

Hireology’s Healthcare Beat Series
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As the year comes to an end, Hireology wants to ensure that your healthcare agency is set up for a successful 2021. Next Tuesday, we’re kicking off our Healthcare Beat Series — a two-day webinar series featuring Adam Robinson, CEO at Hireology, Tracey Azer, VP of Alliances at SkillSurvey, Danielle Balow, Senior Solutions Manager at Click Boarding, Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing at CareAcademy, and Helen Adeosun, CEO & Co-Founder of CareAcademy.

We’ve outlined the schedule below and what you can expect from each session. If you’re interested in signing up for our Healthcare Beat Series, you can do so here

Tuesday, December 8th beginning at 1PM CST The New Applicant Economy: Connecting with Applicants in Today’s Challenging Climate – Adam Robinson

This year, healthcare agencies have never felt more pressure to provide quality care — and the demand for skilled healthcare professionals has never been greater. With health and safety challenges, along with the economic downturn related to COVID-19, traditional recruitment methods are simply not working to meet the demand of today’s agencies.

In our keynote presentation, you’ll learn about new ways to attract healthcare applicants, get a process in place to manage an influx of candidate activity, and roster

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