GE Korea Safely Navigates Returning to the Workplace

GE Korea Safely Navigates Returning to the Workplace
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General Electric (GE) is one of the most recognized brands in the world. With over 200,000 employees worldwide, it’s no surprise the conglomerate faced complexity navigating the pandemic across various countries. In South Korea, Mira Lee, chief human resources officer (CHRO) at GE Korea, had to deal with not only quickly pivoting to enable employees to work remotely, but also safely returning them to the office (South Korea is one of just a few countries that’s been able to flatten the curve of new COVID-19 infections). At this year’s Workday Elevate Digital Experience, Lee shared what this experience was like and how she managed through the uncertainty.

Did GE have to change its HR policies and programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, what changed?

The HR strategies we originally planned for at the beginning of 2020 have been put on hold since February. To respond to an unprecedented pandemic, we shifted our focus to two priorities: maintaining business continuity and responding to the crisis. The most important thing was to secure the safety of not just our employees, but all members of our business ecosystem.

While the situation has calmed down in Korea, globally most countries are still

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