Frequently faced issues in SuccessFactors LMS

Frequently faced issues in SuccessFactors LMS

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As a consultant, like any of you, encountered a lot of known and unknown issues while implementing SuccessFactors LMS. Few are very common, for which, we start googling for an existing KBA or post it in PDC, wait for the subject matter experts respond. These are unavoidable for any type of consultant. This blog is all about those common issues which we face while implementing or using SAP SuccessFactors LMS and will also see how to resolve them.

Also, these days, most of you might have experienced the situation, where the clients, during implementation or post-implementation, ask for a document that lists all the commonly faced issues. Have seen people discussing these kinds of requests coming from every corner. This led me to think of writing this article, where I tried to bring the most common issues together, like one-stop-shop. I hope, this blog will help in real-time for those who are busy implementing SuccessFactors LMS and the same can be used as a quick guide after the system is live.

I am listing the top 10, which we often face. I also shared a few SAP KBA’s under the issues which might have multiple scenarios for the

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