Four Takeaways from the Appcast Benchmark Report

Four Takeaways from the Appcast Benchmark Report

Every year, we receive this fantastic report from Appcast, which is titled the Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report. Through this report, which analyzes data from nearly 1,000 employers, 139 million clicks, and 7 million applies, we see trends.

Now is the time to look at those trends and determine how they help your recruiters. Adjusting to these trends helps your company make better data-driven decisions and increase the efficiency of your recruitment budget on job boards.

A couple of overarching trends that stand out before we dig deeper:

Mobile continues to increaseThink like the job seekerTakeaway No. 1: Decrease in Application Rate

In 2018, the application rate for jobs was 5.6 percent. In the past year, that dropped to 5.0 percent – a decrease of more than 10 percent.

(What is an application rate? We measure the application rate by dividing the number of applies by the number of clicks. For example, if we have 100 clicks and 5 applies, that means we have an application rate of 5 percent)

Let’s put that number into perspective – let’s say you need 20 applicants to make a placement, and the average cost per click is $0.50.

In 2018, it cost $178.50 in job advertising spend to

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