Facebook Is Now Promoting Job Postings To Employers Via Email

Facebook Is Now Promoting Job Postings To Employers Via Email

It’s starting to look like Facebook is taking this whole job board thing pretty seriously.

As a Fan Page administrator, I woke up today to the following email subject line: “Your next star employee could be on Facebook right now.”

The photo inside was of a young African American women sipping a latte and standing behind what could’ve been a beauty shop or a wellness center. The caption read “Post Your Job in Minutes” and it was accompanied by a button that said “Explore and Post Jobs on Facebook.”

The promotional body copy read as follows:

Hi Joel,

Over 1 billion people visit Pages every month and one of them might be your next star employee. Reach the right people by posting your job opening on Facebook. It is quick and easy and works like this:

  • Post your job by completing a few details about the role on your desktop computer.
  • People can see your job post in their News Feeds, in the new bookmark for jobs, and on your Page and can apply on their mobile devices.
  • Review applications and contact applicants on Messenger anytime, anywhere.

Tap in to the power of Facebook for hiring and post your open role.

The Facebook Business Team

Don’t take this as just another mass marketing message. It’s not. Facebook doesn’t do “just” anything. The campaign clearly shows a heightened level of seriousness about connecting job seekers and openings. And the numbers are on their side.

A year ago, Facebook claimed that  3 million businesses were advertising on Facebook. Let’s assume Facebook has 1 million U.S. companies advertising on their site a year later and that they all have Fan Pages.

Now, let’s assume Facebook is emailing all those 1 million businesses with the message above and that 25 percent take Facebook up on their offer. Do the math and you see where I’m going. The laws of scale are in Facebook’s favor and in a short period of time, they can be a Top 5 destination site for finding a job.

Small business are likely to get on board first, finding Facebook’s platform easy and convenient. I mean, they’re already using it to sell stuff and they already have followers. Telling customers, “You can find our jobs on our Facebook page” beats sending them to Craigslist or, God forbid, the newspaper.

I do think companies of size will have a hard time adopting Facebook as a serious candidate funnel, but once they try Facebook’s advertising solution, which enables them to laser target their opening to the exact audience they want, I don’t think they’ll mind connecting with a candidates in a messenger format.

When Google got into job postings more than 10 years ago with Base, it was akin to throwing spaghetti at a wall. The user interface wasn’t great. As a result, the project ended up being cesspool of shady ads that users deemed useless. Throw in the fact that Google risked upsetting the huge number of job sites that were already advertising their sites on Google, and the world’s biggest search engine dumped the whole job thing quickly.

The road ahead for Facebook to crack employment will be tough. But I like their chances. LinkedIn is now a Microsoft company with different goals and objectives. Craigslist is antiquated and, dare I say, uncool. People don’t search like they used to, opting to spend there hours on mobile apps. And the job boards of old are selling for pennies on the dollar of past valuations.

It may just be Facebook’s time in the sun. Today’s marketing email shows they’ve got the sunscreen ready.