Every Recruiting Process is in Disorder until you Organize it

Every Recruiting Process is in Disorder until you Organize it

What is disorder? Disorder is a messy desk, dirty house, a body that needs to be showered, work that is not in order. When you woke up today was everything in order? Were the dishes done, work happening and no dogs barking?

Did I mention kids? If you have kids, was everything in order with their lives this morning? Beyond feeding them and changing their diapers (if you are still in that stage) was everything nice and orderly this morning? I doubt it.

Yes. Disorder is natural. As long as the universe continues to expand (HT Stephen Hawking – A Brief History of Time) we will wake up to more disorder (google entropy) for the next few billion years. 

Now, this doesn’t mean our life will be in confusion, chaos, and disorder until we die. It means we will experience disorder every day and since recruiting is a game full of people and emotions living on planet earth, get ready for some disorder. 

We are all slowly evolving and unfolding throughout life. Each of us handles this disorder differently and when you are interviewing people, it’s really a snapshot of where that candidate is in the evolution of their career development. 

The same goes with the hiring manager. They are growing and evolving too. They might be learning how to improve their personal hiring and selection process. They might be in a state of big disorder with hiring at the time of an interview and most likely not the same person they were last year when they interviewed a candidate. 

Your job as a recruiting pro is to organize the disorder. Some people handle the disorder through ignorance or complaining about candidates and hiring managers and others get curious and come up with ways to make the recruiting process better (i.e., coaching candidates, hiring manager feedback or training for the masses).

Each person (i.e., hiring manager and candidate) in the process comes with their own beliefs and biases. How many times have you thought a candidate interview was going to play out a certain way, only to be surprised by a different way that it played out? If you haven’t been surprised in your life with recruiting, then you may need more life experience with recruiting.

Recruiting is one BIG disorder to be organized. In theory, the candidates could be perceived as “Chaos” and the hiring managers could be perceived as the “Order” in this equation but that is just theory. It doesn’t always play out this way. Both the candidates and the hiring managers are full of disorder and chaos and both sides need to be organized.

A good recruiter is really good at managing the recruiting process from interview to hire. There is no task above them because they understand both parties are confused as hell about what to do next. 

Hiring someone is emotional and the answer is not always clear. When you bring order to the hiring process, it will change everything from who you get to hire to who gets to decide who you hire. Most likely, the change will be needed, but not easy. 

Organize it and things will become more clear. 

PS – If you can’t explain your hiring process to a candidate in 30 seconds or less, your process is probably a BIG disorderly mess. 

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