EOY To Do’s for Job Board Owners

EOY To Do’s for Job Board Owners

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The end of year for job boards is always a great time to take stock of your current site and get ready for the year ahead. Traditionally the period between Christmas and New years is quite inactive for most employers so don’t expect too many sales.

Instead, take the time to clean things up and get ready for 2020.

Clean your email lists: take the time to remove email addresses who have never opened any of your emails. This will keep your list fresh, boost open rates by getting rid of dead weight. Cleaning your lists should be done each year.Revamp existing content: if you blog, go back and update any old blog posts that could use more information. SEO today means keeping your content fresh and up to date, an old blog post is no different.Thank your clients: send out thank you emails to your clients. Remind them of the humans behind your site and stay on their radar for 2020.Revise your social sharing images: every website needs proper social sharing images. I like to change mine each year so that my brand is fresh. Hubspot has some guidelines on creating them here.Fix those pesky site errors: are

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