Entelo Partners With Beamery

Entelo Partners With Beamery

Entelo is partnering up with Beamery.

Entelo’s recruiting software works by searching in a sea of qualified candidates to identify the highest quality employees and engages them in the recruiting process. Beamery is a Candidate Relationship software for companies that are proactive about engaging the best talent, and don’t simply rely on applications.

According to Entelo and Beamery’s joint press release, the partnership came as a decision to give recruiters every ability to source and engage possible candidates at every stage of the funnel. By joining forces, recruiters can now export a candidate profile from Entelo onto Beamery allowing them to fill existing campaigns with possible talent.

Yasmin Zarabi, head of business at Entelo said that the partnership will enable recruiters to “build a pool of candidates and nurture those indivuals wherever they are in the candidate pipeline” allowing them to source for more qualified talent.

Beamery’s CEO Abakar Saidov, said in a podcast that Beamery’s ultimate goal in the hiring process is to not only focus on the job, but if the individual wants to build a relationship with a certain company and what they are willing to contribute to it. Saidov also said that Beamery’s software take into account company’s timing, mission and skillset to select certain candidates in the hiring process.

“We want to provide a proactive talent model, which means that a couple of things need to become true, for example skill based recruiting rather then posting jobs thinking about where we need to be three or four months for now and what does that skill set look like” Saidov said about how Beamery searches for possible individuals to fill spots for recruiters.

Entelo and Beamery’s collaboration is due to the fact that both companies want anyone who are using they’re platforms is able to successfully navigate and optimize their candidates as they move through the pipeline. This allows sources to level workflows that might have been brought in by Beamery, such as talent pool automation in partnership with Entelo’s recruiting automation functionality.

“We are investing in the partnership with Entelo to not only be an integration but as a stepping stone to build the most efficient end-to-end workflow for sources to identify, engage and nurture talent, leveraging the best in-class and now integrated functionalities of both systems” said, Chief Product Officer at Beamery, Sultan Saidov in an interview with hrtechnogist.com.