Employee Onboarding Lessons from LinkedIn and Twitter

Employee onboarding can be tedious if your team doesn’t have an efficient process in place. It often involves employees sitting in an HR office for hours during their first day on the job filling out administrative paperwork. This not only leads to lost productivity but can also cause employee engagement to take a hit among new hires. 

Rather than waiting until the first day to begin employee onboarding, you can kick off the process by tapping into digital onboarding from the moment an offer letter is signed. If your organization has an integrated hiring and employee onboarding process in place, you can make the transition from candidate to new hire seamless. 

Employee onboarding tasks that can be completed digitally before the first day include: Signing the employee handbook, filling out direct deposit information for automated payroll, completing tax forms, submitting benefits paperwork, and more. This enables new hires to get started sooner rather than later with their day-to-day responsibilities, boosting productivity and engagement. 

Are you looking to improve your employee onboarding process? Below, we’ve highlighted a few well-known technology companies that have engaging onboarding programs in place, along with lessons you can learn from each. 


LinkedIn understands the importance

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