Elevate’s Greatest Hits: A Recap and Sneak Peek

Elevate’s Greatest Hits: A Recap and Sneak Peek

Each year at Elevate, we strive to deliver impactful speaker sessions and stirring group discussions that prepare you and your business for the year ahead. While the industry works to rebound from the effects of the pandemic and resulting government orders, Elevate is structured to be more pertinent than ever. 

The only retail automotive human capital summit is just around the corner, and here are some highlights and testimonials from years past about why Elevate is a can’t-miss event. And if you’ve yet to register for this year’s summit, do so here — for free! 

2017 — Elevate’s First Year

We kicked off Elevate for the first time in 2017 because we realized no company or organization was focused on people operations at a time when retail automotive was struggling to revamp its image to attract a new kind of professional. Improving the people’s side of the automotive industry has always been Hireology’s driving force, and the birth of Elevate provided a platform for key players in the automotive space to connect and share experiences that would have profound impact on the value of hiring and retaining the best employees.

One of our 2017 attendees gave some great feedback: 

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