Elevate 2020: Week 3 Recap

Elevate 2020: Week 3 Recap
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Our 4th annual Elevate conference came to a close this week with a final keynote speech delivered by Adam Robinson, Hireology’s CEO and co-founder, on the applicant sentiment, followed by a panel discussion with Michelle Harrow, the Head of Recruiting for Twitter, and Bob Lanham, the Head of Automotive Retail at Facebook. Their discussion highlighted the importance of investing in your people, and how to appeal to the new applicant audience. 

Applicant levels have returned to pre-COVID levels, and now the focus of dealerships is to attract applicants from industries that remain heavily impacted by the pandemic. But attracting applicants is only the first step in running a successful business. Adam shared that a dealership spends $16,000 in hard cost per head turned in the first year, so high turnover results in a great deal of cost. “If we’re able to shave 10 points off of our turnover rate at a dealership, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars of bottom-line impact,“ said Adam. But how can we as an industry do that? 

Hireology surveyed a pool of recently hired applicants to gauge what they expected from the hiring process from start to finish. At our final Elevate

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