Down-to-Earth: What Recruiting AI Can Do For You

Down-to-Earth: What Recruiting AI Can Do For You

“New intelligent systems are going to change -insert industry- forever” is something that we hear almost on a daily basis. But often we can’t picture exactly how the buzz translates into our concrete needs. Recruiting is no different, sometimes it is hard to explain what the impact will be and exactly what challenge we’re really solving.

So in this blog post we explore in detail an example of how AI will help your recruiters and your company achieve their goals more readily. Let’s take something many of us are familiar with: Finding applicants or passive candidates that fit a role when you’re dealing with a high-volume of candidates.

Imagine you’ve got a database with hundreds of thousands of candidates. There are probably many good candidates in there, but it’s impossible for a recruiter to remember all of them, all of their qualifications, interests, shortcomings and the like. Recruiters, therefore, need to go and search for candidates within their own database manually.

That’s no easy task. Not only because of the number of candidates, but because candidates also use different words to refer to the same or similar concepts and different industries have their own lexicon. For example, software development and

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