Don’t Over Design Your Site

Sometimes when prospective job board owners call me about wanting to start a site they get too obsessed with customizing the look and feel of the templates that come with cloud platforms like Smart Job Board and

I cringe a little when they ask if I can help them create some “cool” designs that don’t come with the standard templates most job board software provide.

The reason being is that no one really cares about a cool looking site. What they care about is finding and applying to jobs or being able to quickly post a job.

My philosophy is simple, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Job board design is supposed to follow a certain template with a job search box on the home, a nice cover image and funnels into creating accounts/signing up. Fussing over little things you want to appear on the home page is wasted time.

Instead you should be worried about selling and marketing your job board. You should be trying to prove a market exists for the niche you are going after. Everything else is secondary at this point. The templates that come with the software mentioned above will do the job

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