Discuss & Learn About SAP SuccessFactors Milestone Awards

Discuss & Learn About SAP SuccessFactors Milestone Awards
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Employees give their time for work that helps the organizations thrive. This commitment deserves to be recognized frequently. One of the most suitable ways to accomplish this is by creating an “Employee Years of Service Awards Program” at organizations. Years of service award programs are also called milestone awards, service awards, service milestones.

Commemorating work anniversaries is one of the most popular types of service awards programs. Through sincere recognition shared on days of significant milestones, employees can feel appreciated and valued at their organization, which can then help them experience a risen sense of engagement and loyalty to their organization.

SuccessFactors Reward and Recognition use a simple but effective way to initiate manager or peer to peer recognition, which differs somewhat from how Milestone Awards manages recognitions. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the features that Milestone Awards offer.
I believe that the Milestone Awards is a great way to start providing a digital solution to create a high-quality service awards program for organizations.


Overview of Milestone Awards

Examples of popular awards programs; (based on WorldatWork Trends in Employee Recognition study in June 2013)

Support organizational mission/values Create a positive work environment

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