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RIVS is digital interviewing that slashes the time to hire without sacrificing quality.

RIVS is digital interviewing that slashes the time to hire without sacrificing quality. We have the ability and desire to adapt to each customer’s and candidate’s needs thanks to our unassailable customer support, our consultative, relationship-based approach to sales and client onboarding, and our technology which allows candidates choose either video or audio-only interviewing from the ease of their computer, phone or through our iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile applications.
Social Recruiting

A cloud-based candidate engagement and management solution, TalentCircles allows companies to create, brand, manage, and own their private talent networks. Using TalentCircles, recruiters can interact with candidates via voice, video, events, chat, individual emails, email campaigns, webinars, blogs and announcements. They can efficiently manage their pipeline of candidates, reduce hiring costs, and optimally fill positions with candidates who have already opted to become familiar with the company’s culture — and ultimately build a consistent human capital strategy. A live, expandable “Rolodex” that is easy to use, TalentCircles is the missing link between sourcing tools and applicant tracking systems.
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WePow is a global leader in recruitment communication, offering breadth, depth, and a personal touch to attracting talent. WePow’s scalable and customizable video and mobile recruitment solutions simplify the way talent acquisition goals are achieved. Our innovative clients are increasing their productivity, improving their efficiency, and significantly reducing their interviewing cost, while improving the quality of their engagement with candidates. At WePow, we translate human interactions into amazing experiences!

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