Video recruiting software.

Vidcruiter offers video interviewing software. Their past clients include Groupon, GM, and Tufts Medical Center. To learn more about their services you can visit their website.

Employees are posting anonymous reviews about your company. Are you listening? We monitor the noise, so you don’t have to.

Ratedly is an iPhone app that monitors anonymous employee reviews online. We aggregate reviews from a wide variety of sites and alert users when reviews are posted. Employer brand is more important than ever before, so don’t get caught flat-footed when a current or former employee decides to flame you. Or, reward your cheerleaders.

Corporate learning management system (LMS).

ShareKnowledge is a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) built for Microsoft SharePoint. ShareKnowledge was developed for companies seeking to provide online training or ensure compliance to employees.

Please contact ShareKnowledge today to learn more.

ShareKnowledge Inc.
HoneIT, Inc.
21st Century Phone Interviews (aka. Real-time Audio Interview Software)

The HoneIT Interview Platform turns traditional ‘phone screens’, into a rich on-line experience. We make it easy to record and save real-time candidate data and interview insights to your existing ATS or CRM. By removing misinterpretation and bias, we improve the interview experience, save hiring managers time and enable better hiring decisions, faster. Our chrome extension makes integration with any ATS or CRM a breeze.
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Sovren was founded in 1996 as a staffing business focused on the financial and accounting markets. The next year we evolved into a software solution provider — then we decided to dive even deeper. We found our true calling by providing top-of-the-line job order/resume parsing and AI matching software components rather than end-user products. Throughout the whole journey, we’ve remained 100% employee-owned.

Sovren Inc. (company) is a privately held software-components-only firm established in 1996. Sovren develops and licenses the world’s best enterprise-grade Resume/CV Parsing and Semantic Matching / Artificial Intelligence Matching (AIM) components.

The Sovren Resume Parser is used within human resource software, and on recruitment web sites and portals, to simplify and accelerate the application process, to extract and classify thousands of attributes about the candidate, and to provide a foundation for the semantic searching of candidate data. The Parser identifies hundreds of different kinds of information within a resume or CV, and clearly tags each data point (for example: first name, last name, street address, city, educational degrees, employers, skill, etc.). The output may be used in HR-XML or JSON format.

The Sovren Job Order Parser extracts relevant data from a job order and contains information to describe job titles, required skills, optional skills, years of experience desired, years of management experience desired, management level, educational requirements, certifications, foreign languages, etc. — 16 categories in all.

Semantic Matching / Artificial Intelligence Matching is a 5th generation profile-to-profile matching engine that works with the Sovren Resume Parser and the Sovren Job Order Parser to provide advanced matching capabilities between candidate resumes and job vacancies. The AIM can parse/extract/classify/characterize and construct profiles of candidates and jobs, and match profiles in any direction: jobs to jobs, jobs to candidates, candidates to jobs, candidates to candidates. The intelligence in the engine adds analytical messages that provide detailed, actionable information about what matched, on what categories, and how the scores were ranked. No other system in the world is as accurate, as customizable, or as informative.

Sovren HR software components are used by recruitment firms and agencies, applicant tracking systems, Human /Resource Information Systems (HRIS), job boards, large corporations, and social networks.
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