RedRidge Verification Services (RVS) provides custom screening solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

RedRidge Verification Services (RVS) provides custom screening solutions for businesses throughout the United States. They offer a wide range of services including background checks, license verifications and criminal record services among others. Visit their website today to learn more.
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Sodexo USA Careers Blog
The Sodexo USA Careers Blog gives visitors an inside look at Sodexo's culture, shares real-life employee stories, provides valuable job search tips and engages in meaningful dialogue with candidates.
Free Recruitment System is the new and free recruitment system for those companies looking to improve and maximize their recruitment efforts and activities. Designed for in-house recruitment, offers customers an alternative to Outlook and Excel by providing a refreshingly easy to use online recruitment system. offers customers all the information and tools they need to create an effortless recruiting process. Customers can track and manage their applicants anytime, anywhere. An integrated intelligent recruitment campaign web shop advised customers based on benchmark data how to increase the exposure of their vacancies online. supports the full recruitment cycle from vacancy management till the selection process and talent-pooling.
Customers can sign up for free and get started without lengthy or complicated implementation projects. No extensive training is needed, a quick tour guides customer through the system and customers are up and running in matter of minutes.
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Job Board Secrets
Job board consulting services. Do you run an online job site that caters to job seekers and employers?

Led by industry veteran Chris Russell, Job Board Secrets provides the tools and resources to make your job board better. Browse hundreds of articles for free or become a member.
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Recroup is the first perk board for companies. Now companies can show off their awesome company culture and attract 4 times more job seekers.

Web is crowded with job boards but they are not helping job seekers to get the right job nor are they helping recruiters finding the best talent. Reason behind this is that all job boards are still using resumes to represent candidates. This is why we created Recroup, which is not a job board but it’s your career Launchpad.
Challenges: At Recroup companies can post challenges. Those challenges can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro blogging site. So now job seeker can take a break from sending resumes and take the challenge to prove their skills. This helps recruiters to find the best talent for the job without digging into tons of resume. At many occasions these challenges can serve as first round of interview.
These challenges serve even greater value to recruiters since they allow them to create a talent database of people with proven skillset.
Applicant Story (Profile): Every job seeker is different but resumes make them all look the same. This is why at Recroup we replaced resumes with a profile that allow job seekers to display the full spectrum of their capabilities. Applicants can add their social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their technical profiles like Github and Stackoverflow to receive badges on their online activities. This helps applicants to display their social presence to recruiters in a secure and protected manner.
Perk Board: We know that companies spend millions on talent by offering them amazing perks but prospective employees hardly know about those perks. At Recroup we allow companies to create a perk page for their organization and showoff what they offer apart from the salary. This give companies an opportunity to increase response rate for their job position by 4 times and also create more interest among job seekers. Share the perk page on web and spread your awesomeness.

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HoneIT, Inc.
21st Century Phone Interviews (aka. Real-time Audio Interview Software)

The HoneIT Interview Platform turns traditional 'phone screens', into a rich on-line experience. We make it easy to record and save real-time candidate data and interview insights to your existing ATS or CRM. By removing misinterpretation and bias, we improve the interview experience, save hiring managers time and enable better hiring decisions, faster. Our chrome extension makes integration with any ATS or CRM a breeze.
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The Sourcing Institute
World-class, structured adult learning and certification for Recruiters and Sourcers in instructor-lead and self-directed environments.

Our courses are designed around real life tasks, problems, and situations, bringing you only what you need to know to be able to recruit more effectively and with greater job satisfaction. We are the leaders in sourcing research and recruitment education. Take the ultimate step in your career! Call now: +1 (888) 804-7950

(888) 804-7950
Where Recruiters Save Money

We are a marketplace for vendors in online recruiting and HR tech can offer discounts and deals for recruiters and HR professionals. Free for all, we are the site that helps recruiters save money! Get discounts from job boards to ATS to more.

Recruiter Discounts
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Y Scouts
Y Scouts is a leadership search practice dedicated to helping purpose-driven companies and people find one another in the spirit of creating something together.

We believe that life is a gift – and that in life, we are meant to discover, develop and share our unique gifts and talents with others in ways that contribute towards a better world for us all.
We believe that “who you are” and “what you do” should not be separate and unintegrated parts of You, but rather one and the same. We believe that those who “do who they are” have discovered their life’s purpose and are walking their path every day. Most of us call this activity – work.

Our purpose is “To Change WHY the World Works”. We help leaders and companies come together to work towards something meaningful, something that we deeply care about, together.

We are executive recruiters, networkers and connectors who support companies and people in creating cultures and communities through a shared sense of purpose and meaning, to come together and work towards something bigger than just a paycheck and a bottom line.

We are committed to working hard – every day – to transform the recruiting industry – to transform Corporate America – to help create a future where people can join an organization, group or cause and fully express and develop their Unique Self.

We are committed to a future where organizations are collectives of inspired and fully engaged people whose contribution creates a tsunami of value and abundance allowing us all to thrive.

We are here to take a stand for the future that you are committed to creating through your life’s work.

Executive Search Firm - Y Scouts
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Best Places for Medical Jobs
We are an informational resource for medical professionals looking to relocate.

We do research on locations all across the country to help you find your ideal place to live and practice your medical career.

Factors such as employment availability, quality of medical care, cost of living, lifestyle options and education are all taken into consideration to come up with what we believe are the best places for medical jobs in the country.

Best Places for Medical Jobs
Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
Employee and Volunteer Background Screening, Substance Abuse Testing and Occupational Health Screening

Employment Screening Resources (ESR) is a leading, global screening firm providing on-demand access to background screening, substance abuse testing and occupational health screening services that empower employers to make informed hiring decisions.

We believe companies deserve a background screening partner they can rely upon to consistently deliver fast, accurate, affordable and compliant information through an innovative, highly-integrated solution that supports employer compliance with ever-changing laws.

ESR is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), is audited yearly for SSAE18 SOC2 Type 2 controls and is EU-US Privacy Shield (GDPR compliant) and PCI certified, collectively distinctions held by less than 1% of screening firms.

Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
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Where recruiters come to learn

Take a deep dive into the full immersion curriculum of the Sourcing Institute. With all the high-tech, quiet, and comfort of a leading University setting, your deep dive into the Sourcing Institute’s core curriculum removes all distractions and provides for all your needs so you are free to focus.

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Corporate learning management system (LMS).

ShareKnowledge is a corporate Learning Management System (LMS) built for Microsoft SharePoint. ShareKnowledge was developed for companies seeking to provide online training or ensure compliance to employees.

Please contact ShareKnowledge today to learn more.

ShareKnowledge Inc.
Video recruiting software.

Vidcruiter offers video interviewing software. Their past clients include Groupon, GM, and Tufts Medical Center. To learn more about their services you can visit their website.

Jobs and resources for veterans.

Leading employment site for transitioning military, veterans and their family members. Sponsored, partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and endorsed by Vietnam Veterans of America, National Guard Association of the US and many other veteran service organizations. VetJobs receives 700,000 visitors a month. Flat fee site for employers.

Vet Jobs
Talentsocket is a community of HR professionals (and a few others) built around Agile HR.

Talentsocket is a community of HR professionals (and a few others) built around Agile HR. Agile HR is adopting the best practices that have come from Silicon Valley around new methodologies, tactics and strategies to try and ensure that you’re building the right thing, in the shortest period of time. Talentsocket is focused on taking these new ideas and mapping them to HR in order to improve outcomes, and move HR from a compliance based need and a ‘cost center’, to a strategic powerhouse that actually drives business value. We’re not just pushing paper.

Sourcing News and Knowledge, Beyond the Obvious. Resource for Sourcers and Recruiters who source.

The ORIGINAL sourcing conference and blog. Follow us for the latest sourcing news and content that will teach you how to source.

212-671-1181 x811
US based job search website.

123JobZone is a online job portal dedicated to helping employers find quality job seekers.
CareerCloud LLC
We build social job search tools for candidates and awesome mobile recruiting apps for employers.

Social media and mobile technologies are changing the way we live…and find work. Job seekers and recruiters need tools to leverage this technology. CareerCloud was founded on this premise. We are building a platform that will tap into the social web and mobile app technology for both job seekers and employers.

Career Advice
Arkus Inc.
Arkus Inc. is a private investigation firm helping businesses with background checks and internal probes.

Arkus Inc. specializes in private investigations, serving businesses with background checks, financial probes, computer forensics, and more. Call 847-379-1875 for more information.
RIVS is digital interviewing that slashes the time to hire without sacrificing quality.

RIVS is digital interviewing that slashes the time to hire without sacrificing quality. We have the ability and desire to adapt to each customer’s and candidate’s needs thanks to our unassailable customer support, our consultative, relationship-based approach to sales and client onboarding, and our technology which allows candidates choose either video or audio-only interviewing from the ease of their computer, phone or through our iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile applications.
Job board for the construction industry. Online since 2006.

We are a niche job board that helps employers attract talent within the construction industry across North America. Launched in 2006, we have been serving the general construction jobs market for 10+ years is your source for online recruiting within the General Contractor, Construction Engineering and Building Products industries.

Construction Jobs
Logo - The Shulman Law Group
The Shulman Law Group have represented clients worldwide, earning a reputation as the best immigration lawyers in the business. Our team of immigration lawyers will guide you through the process and help you with your immigration legal service needs.

The Shulman Law Group is based in New Jersey and have represented clients throughout the United States and worldwide, thus earning a national and international reputation as being the best immigration attorneys in business. Our lawyers travel to foreign embassies and consulates to directly handle problematic situations for clients.

If you need a visa, wish to immigrate, or want to help bring a family member or employee to the United States, we can help. Firm founder Edward Shulman has more than 20 years of legal experience, and has also handled many high profile cases during that time. While an understanding of immigration law and procedure is necessary, our immigration attorneys know that consistent communication with our clients is crucial in all matters of immigration law.
(973) 345-1151
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APS Payroll
APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider.

APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider. Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services, core HR, time & attendance, self-service, ACA reporting and compliance tools, and mobile in a single platform. Visit our website for more information.

APS Payroll
- WePow. Screen (pre-recorded video interviewing)
- WePow. Live (live video interviewing)
- WePow. Panel (panel video interviewing)
- WePow. Brand (mobile & web career microsites)
- WePow. Mobile (mobile recruitment solutions)

WePow is a global leader in recruitment communication, offering breadth, depth, and a personal touch to attracting talent. WePow’s scalable and customizable video and mobile recruitment solutions simplify the way talent acquisition goals are achieved. Our innovative clients are increasing their productivity, improving their efficiency, and significantly reducing their interviewing cost, while improving the quality of their engagement with candidates. At WePow, we translate human interactions into amazing experiences!

To take part in reimagining recruitment and learning more about WePow’s recruitment, branding, and mobile talent acquisition solutions, visit
+1 (877) 659.5548