ITJobs247 is a niche job search engine, who specializes in information technology jobs.
Information Technology Jobs
APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider and online payroll company.

APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider and online payroll company committed to delivering value through cloud technology and individualized support. Visit their website for more information.

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By applying the concepts of Business Process Modelling, VidCruiter has helped organizations around the world optimize their recruitment process. A VidCruiter powered recruitment process will not only reduce a company’s time to hire but will also help identify higher quality candidates.

VidCruiter’s recruitment software is the most advanced automated recruiting solution on the market. With a full suite of recruitment products that includes an applicant tracking system, live and pre-recorded video interviews and automated reference checking, the VidCruiter platform allows clients to build a customized recruitment process that delivers the highest quality employees in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Each product can be used independently or joined together for a completely optimized recruitment experience. VidCruiter significantly reduces an organization's time to hire by eliminating outdated and time-consuming recruitment practices such as phone interviews and manual reference checks. The advanced workflow system allows any type or size of organization around the world to adapt the platform to meet the specific needs of any recruitment scenario.

Where recruiters come to learn

Take a deep dive into the full immersion curriculum of the Sourcing Institute. With all the high-tech, quiet, and comfort of a leading University setting, your deep dive into the Sourcing Institute’s core curriculum removes all distractions and provides for all your needs so you are free to focus.

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MacRAE’s Marketing

ONLINE B2B AND INDUSTRIAL MARKETING SOLUTIONS THAT DELIVER RESULTS. MacRAE's Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency. We specialize in industrial marketing, SEO, websites, video, content marketing, social media and PPC. For B2B Marketing solutions that work, choose MacRAE's.

MacRAE's Marketing
Directory for recruiters on twitter

See what recruiters are tweeting or discover the most followed recruiters and HR pros who are on twitter.

recruiters on twitter
ESearch, Inc.
Full-service resource for Recruiting for accounting, HR, & finance professionals in Northeast Ohio

Building on skills honed at National Accounting and Financial Search firms nationwide, eSearch was founded in 1998 to provide a focused solution for the Northeastern Ohio Accounting community.

Each a seasoned veteran of the accounting and financial recruitment field, the principals of eSearch together bring 35+ years experience and extensive contacts in the community.

Our success stems from our business approach. We strive to provide quality throughout the process and become an integral partner in both the job search and the hiring process. Honesty, integrity and straightforward advice separate us from the rest of our competitors. Even our name signifies leadership into the 21st century.
MicroTek's Atlanta training and meeting rooms feature computer classrooms, virtual learning cubes and more.

MicroTek in Atlanta offers full-time hospitality staff, Next Generation Classrooms, virtual training rooms, video conferencing equipment and more. Their facilities and services will help train and further educate your employees comfortable and conveniently.

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A free iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that enables employers to engage with employees and track job satisfaction.
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The HR and Employment Law Experts on your side!

As Human Resources and employment law experts, Career Protection's® mission is to use our nearly 20 years of inside corporate knowledge to advise executives and senior professionals every step of the way as they enter or exit a company so they achieve the right employment or severance agreement, with the best job offer pay or severance package of executive compensation, benefits, incentives, and much more. We know the "secrets of HR" and how companies deal with employees. We know the laws, we know your employment rights, we know compensation and benefits, and we know the tricks of corporate employers and the pitfalls of being hired, fired, laid off, or retired that you should avoid.

BEFORE YOU SPEAK FURTHER with a company's management or HR, talk with us. As HR and employment law experts on your side, we know what you should say and what not to say, what to ask for and what not to mention. Protect your career and financial future with Career Protection® — your advantage in employment negotiations!.
The Aviation Industry's Top Job Board Since 2002. For Pilots, Flight Attendants, Mechanics & Airline Personnel

Online since 2002, we receive more than 20,000 monthly visitors who are looking to find a job in aviation or to find aviation talent. We have designed our web site to put unparalleled flexibility and power at your fingertips.

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HR Training Center offers schooling to get you into your profession, continue your education, enhance your career, and much more.

TrainingCenter offers training and education to HR, Insurance, Finance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Banking, Accounting, Legal, Health Care, Safety, Engineering, IT, and Sales professionals.

Each vertical has its own unique website that contains content from industry-leading organizations. Essentially, each website is designed to be an easy-to-use resource for bringing vendors and professionals together.

Newton is really powerful, intuitive recruiting technology. It comes with everything employers need for hiring.

Newton is a leading provider of applicant tracking software designed to organize and improve internal recruiting programs for small and medium-sized employers (30-3000 employees). Newton Software was started in 2009 with the goal of improving the hiring process by delivering powerful products that are easy-to-use, easy-to -purchase and easy-to-activate.
ziche job board that helps employers attract talent from the construction equipment industry across North America.

We are a niche job board that helps employers attract talent from the construction equipment industry across North America. Launched in 2006, we have been serving up Construction Equipment and Heavy Equipment jobs industry for 10+ years as the top job board in online recruiting for this exciting industry.

Construction Equipment Jobs
Logo - The Shulman Law Group
The Shulman Law Group have represented clients worldwide, earning a reputation as the best immigration lawyers in the business. Our team of immigration lawyers will guide you through the process and help you with your immigration legal service needs.

The Shulman Law Group is based in New Jersey and have represented clients throughout the United States and worldwide, thus earning a national and international reputation as being the best immigration attorneys in business. Our lawyers travel to foreign embassies and consulates to directly handle problematic situations for clients.

If you need a visa, wish to immigrate, or want to help bring a family member or employee to the United States, we can help. Firm founder Edward Shulman has more than 20 years of legal experience, and has also handled many high profile cases during that time. While an understanding of immigration law and procedure is necessary, our immigration attorneys know that consistent communication with our clients is crucial in all matters of immigration law.
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Recroup is the first perk board for companies. Now companies can show off their awesome company culture and attract 4 times more job seekers.

Web is crowded with job boards but they are not helping job seekers to get the right job nor are they helping recruiters finding the best talent. Reason behind this is that all job boards are still using resumes to represent candidates. This is why we created Recroup, which is not a job board but it’s your career Launchpad.
Challenges: At Recroup companies can post challenges. Those challenges can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro blogging site. So now job seeker can take a break from sending resumes and take the challenge to prove their skills. This helps recruiters to find the best talent for the job without digging into tons of resume. At many occasions these challenges can serve as first round of interview.
These challenges serve even greater value to recruiters since they allow them to create a talent database of people with proven skillset.
Applicant Story (Profile): Every job seeker is different but resumes make them all look the same. This is why at Recroup we replaced resumes with a profile that allow job seekers to display the full spectrum of their capabilities. Applicants can add their social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their technical profiles like Github and Stackoverflow to receive badges on their online activities. This helps applicants to display their social presence to recruiters in a secure and protected manner.
Perk Board: We know that companies spend millions on talent by offering them amazing perks but prospective employees hardly know about those perks. At Recroup we allow companies to create a perk page for their organization and showoff what they offer apart from the salary. This give companies an opportunity to increase response rate for their job position by 4 times and also create more interest among job seekers. Share the perk page on web and spread your awesomeness.

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Matching job site for doctors and physicians.

A system that intelligently matches open job opportunities of hospitals, clinics and recruiting firms to ideal candidates that specifically meet the criteria of those opportunities – and do it all for a price consistent with that of typical, inefficient and cumbersome job boards.

Physician Jobs
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Paysa uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help you understand and achieve your market salary. Get a raise, get a higher paying job, or learn a new skill.

Paysa is a personalized career platform whose goal is to enable employees to optimize the value of their careers, across the full career arc.

We do this by providing Paysa users with personalized and actionable tools, insights, and research so that they can understand what they are actually worth in the market today, and how to meet or exceed their worth.

Leveraging its massive data sets of jobs, employee profiles, and compensation data points, plus utilizing its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Paysa calculates an employee’s total Paysa Market Salary. Users can break down the total market salary across base, bonus, equity and sign-on. They can dig into each component to understand what drives it at the most granular level - for example, an engineer at Google may be paid a higher base salary with a lower equity grant while a similar engineer at Uber would have a much higher equity grant than base salary given the stage of the businesses or specific skills.

Then, Paysa Explore gives users the ability to research the market to discover:

-New skills that could increase their value
-What their salary will likely be at other companies and the likelihood that they could get that job
-What it would look like if they moved to another location - what jobs are available and what they would be paid and how that looks with the cost of living adjustment
-What people like them are making at other companies

Finally, Paysa enables users to meet or exceed their market value via Paysa Jobs, one of the unique tools aimed at the job market today. Users can set alerts on the what market salary they would like to achieve. Based on their profile, Paysa Jobs scours the internet for all jobs posted that relate to their profile, and deliver a personalized list to the user's Inbox, with their market salary at that job calculated for them. There is nothing like this in the market today that gives users the ability to actually understand what their market salary would be at a new job.

Both the Paysa Explore and the Paysa Jobs require the user to input their current actual salary into the tool. This data is used to update the machine learning models that Paysa has built based on the data they have.

The product has several other tools being built in the pipeline that will allow our users to not only understand and achieve their own market salaries, but also compare their market salary in the context of the school they went to, to their current employer, to their location, neighborhood etc. In addition, the team has plans to expand into other verticals and also other countries outside the US in the very near future.
The Sourcing Institute
World-class, structured adult learning and certification for Recruiters and Sourcers in instructor-lead and self-directed environments.

Our courses are designed around real life tasks, problems, and situations, bringing you only what you need to know to be able to recruit more effectively and with greater job satisfaction. We are the leaders in sourcing research and recruitment education. Take the ultimate step in your career! Call now: +1 (888) 804-7950

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Jobs With Remote
Job board focused on remote and work at home listings.

Are looking to work from home? Would you rather skip the commute?
Well, you have come to the right site. We are a job board for just remote and work at home job listings. Browse hundreds of remote roles based int he USA.

Remote Job Board
6 W. Hubbard St., Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois 60654
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At Sales Empowerment Group we specialize solely on generating leads through effective sales agents, delivering our clients a measurable return on investment. Our knowledgeable and comprehensive team can come in and provide effective sales recruits, training and execution to improve the effectiveness your sales team and process.

Sales Empowerment Group
APS Payroll
APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider.

APS is a national cloud-based human resource solution provider. Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services, core HR, time & attendance, self-service, ACA reporting and compliance tools, and mobile in a single platform. Visit our website for more information.

APS Payroll
Best Places for Medical Jobs
We are an informational resource for medical professionals looking to relocate.

We do research on locations all across the country to help you find your ideal place to live and practice your medical career.

Factors such as employment availability, quality of medical care, cost of living, lifestyle options and education are all taken into consideration to come up with what we believe are the best places for medical jobs in the country.

Best Places for Medical Jobs
FYI Screening, Inc.
We take the hassle out of background checks.

Employee background screening service that helps businesses improve their hiring decisions and create a safer, better place to work.
Acquirent is an outsourced sales consulting firm.

Acquirent is the leading provider of outsourced sales solutions for businesses of all kinds. Acquirent's goal is to deliver results to their clients by recruiting, training, and managing their sales professionals. Connect with them today to learn how you can outsource your company's sales function.