Debunking Four Myths Around Video Interview Software

If you had told somebody a year ago what the 2020 workplace was going to morph into, they would’ve probably thought you were crazy. Back then, the possibilities of going fully remote would have seemed far-fetched for most companies. Yet here we are, replacing face-to-face with video conferences and getting used to every other call being temporarily crashed by somebody’s adorable four-year old invading the frame.

As has happened with pretty much all aspects of life, the pandemic has reshaped the way we relate to our work environment. And video solutions are right in the middle of the revolution. A recent report on the impact of COVID-19 on the video conferencing market explained it succinctly: “As countries were announcing a lockdown of their respective states continuously and urging enterprises to offer work from home facilities to its employees; the adoption rate of video conferencing software started to increase”, led by a usage increase of 894 percent and 677 percent for market leaders Teams and Zoom respectively.

Amid the proliferation of video conferencing software, another type of video platform has also experienced a surge: video interview platforms. These solutions have allowed recruiting teams to stay on point and continue to move

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