Creation of an employee in SAP SuccessFactors using $batch API

Creation of an employee in SAP SuccessFactors using $batch API

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In this blog post, you can learn how to create an employee in EC(Employee Central) SuccessFactors using ODATA $batch API. I want to share how to create an employee with the required entities and the corresponding mandatory fields of respective entities to keep it simple.

Information about $batch can be found here: OData $Batch Operation

If you need to update employee records in existing entities using a $batch request, please refer my blog post on Update employee(s) records from different entities using ODATA $batch API in SAP SuccessFactors

For this example, I am using the Postman tool: an interactive tool for constructing and testing APIs and reading responses. You can download it from here: Download Postman.

Entity and fields required for employee creation

The below image outlines the different user entities needed for employee creation, along with the corresponding mandatory fields per entity, which are listed directly under the entity name. Some of those are mandatory by default, while others are a result of the specific configuration in this system.

The order: User -> PerPerson -> EmpEmployment -> EmpJob -> PerPersonal needs to be followed as listed in the graphic above and it is critical. Employee data can be successfully created while following this order as the

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