CIO Leadership and COVID-19: Supporting a Suddenly Remote Workforce

The operating climate for businesses is complex and moving more quickly than ever before. Companies are reimagining all aspects of their operations to drive efficiency and revenue while seeking organizational agility. Natural disasters and global crises like COVID-19 increase this challenge exponentially. While every functional leader must think differently in this global crisis, massive changes face the CIO. CIOs are increasingly positioned in a leadership role to help their peers understand how they can effectively use technology to respond, recover, and return to growth. 

Why is the CIO so pivotal in a response situation? As the organization’s IT leader, the CIO, and their IT teams, are at the center of crisis response in a digitally enabled world—and their most critical priority should be business continuity in the face of unprecedented change.This post is the first in a three-part series exploring business continuity through three different lenses: employees, critical business processes, and data assets. Today we’re focusing on employees.

The top priority for CIOs in a crisis is to address the large and sudden spike in demand for remote working capacity caused by the closure of offices and other facilities, while maintaining worker morale and productivity and managing operating costs. And,

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