CIO Leadership and COVID-19: Protecting Data Assets

CIO Leadership and COVID-19: Protecting Data Assets

While some IT leaders are still in the midst of responding to the impacts of COVID-19, many are starting to assess their initial response and navigating how to balance innovation with business continuity. But every CIO is also thinking about how to emerge stronger from this crisis, and how to safeguard privacy and trust while addressing an increased risk of new security threats in an ever-changing world.

In this series, we’re exploring how the CIO can help ensure business continuity through three different lenses: employees, critical business processes, and data assets. In this third post, the focus is on protecting data assets.

Threat Landscape

The reality of cybersecurity risk is that during and after a time of crisis it increases. Bad actors take advantage of the disruption, so IT teams must resist the temptation to ease up on security requirements when taking fast actions, such as equipping a newly remote workforce. In fact, the Neustar International Cyber Benchmarks Index shows that in March 2020, most threats grew more than average, but social engineering emails grew the most. 

Just as new threats appear in crisis, recovery will offer up another unpredictable set of threat vectors, as well as opportunities. Security is

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