ChristianaCare: Embracing a Culture of Agility and Innovation

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ChristianaCare is a leading healthcare provider serving the mid-Atlantic states and is a valued member of the Workday customer community. With a commitment to providing affordable, high quality care for the communities it serves, ChristianaCare is embracing innovation across its organization. 

We connected with Kristen Raber, corporate director, Cloud Innovation Lab at ChristianaCare, and Kevin Kain, director of financial planning and operational analysis at ChristianaCare, to learn more about how they’re driving positive transformation. 

Below are highlights of the discussion where Raber and Kain talk about the solutions they’re adopting as healthcare continues to change.

How does ChristianaCare approach innovation?

Kristen Raber: At ChristianaCare, our healthcare strategy, including our approach to innovation, is grounded in our values and behaviors: “We serve together, guided by our values of love and excellence.” We believe that when love guides our work, excellence is inevitable—we achieve better clinical outcomes and an affordable system of care. Our innovation initiatives follow this strategy, starting with buy-in from leadership, but everyone in the organization has a responsibility, too—our caregivers are a key part of our innovation efforts. We make innovation a core competency by optimizing our existing systems and processes in unconventional ways, and leveraging emerging tools

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