Chatbots for Job Boards

Chatbots for Job Boards

I think chatbots are a good tactic to use on most web sites as another channel for engagement, customer service and marketing. Perhaps not if you only run your board on the side, but if you work on it full time consider adding a chatbot to the mix. Here’s a list of them.

The job board below does a good job at describing how they’re using theirs and is a good example to follow.

TIGARD, Oregon has added a new live chat feature on its website to support live conversations between its staff, job seekers and hiring companies in the horticultural, landscaping, and green industries. has enhanced live communication on its website by adding a live chat box at the bottom right corner of its website. The live chat feature will be used by the company’s staff to communicate in real-time with candidates looking for jobs in horticulture. It will also be used by the staff to engage in live conversations with companies looking for talent to employ in their horticulture jobs. 

Hiring companies will now be able to chat live with staff and ask any queries about posting job ads on the website. Candidates looking

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