Chasing Purpose

“Purpose is about things beyond you – both things to be achieved and people to be developed. However, we have to recognize that life can be hard, right?  We can’t always be our best selves.”
– Dr. Todd Dewett


We all aspire to be our best selves, to lead with purpose. That refers to something bigger than the team, bigger than a mere goal.  It’s that long-term higher calling – the vision you’re chasing. Leading with purpose might mean different things to different people, but to me it really means three things.


First, it means that you lead with strong values and beliefs. In many ways, these are ideas that drive us past goals towards bigger dreams. Great leaders work to align everyone with these ideas and make the sacrifices necessary to keep us aligned and on track.


Next, to lead with purpose implies passion. Passion is the energy you derive from trying to live your values and beliefs.  It shows up in your thoughts and your outward positivity and drive. It’s the unique and hard to define quality you possess that infects others and inspires them to join you on the journey.


Dr. Todd Dewett |

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