Leverages gets a new CEO

Leverages Inc., a Japanese staffing firm with local and overseas operations, has appointed Takenori Mayama (間山 哲規) as its new CEO to realize profitability for the company’s new services.

Is High Performance a Zero-Sum Game?

I read a lot of HR stuff about high performers. We all want an entire population of these employees at our companies. Adding more high performers means better overall results, which means better everything, right? Maybe not. Depending on your culture, you could be making it hard for the best performers to stay. As Long […]

Indeed strikes deal with Nine newspapers

Indeed is ramping up its presence in Australia by signing a multi-platform commercial arrangement with media and entertainment company Nine.

Save launched with USAID funding

Sri Lankan youth now have a new comprehensive career management site at where they can find vacancies, apprenticeship opportunities, and career guidance. The site recieved $12 million U.S. in funding from the United States Agency for International Development.

Why Recruiters Check Candidates’ Profiles on Social Media?

Social media is the latest trend in hiring candidates. Social recruiting is one of the most preferred choices to screen candidates. You can use enrichment marketplace to get updated information of candidates through their social profile before calling them for an interview.

Want to Stay Married? Don’t Get Into These Lines of Work!

I’m a child of divorce. I know, right, cry me a river.  I was never the kid who blamed everything wrong in my life on divorce. On the contrary, I think being a child of divorce probably gave me a leg up on all these soft kids who grew up in a nuclear family and […]

Writing For The 8 Second Attention Span: Recruitment Marketing Toilet Talk

A few weeks ago in the airport bathroom, I overheard a conference call taking place in the stall next to me. Cringe. I hate that. Are you so important that you have to pee during the call? I get if you’re at home. You really need to go, so you put yourself on mute. But […]

What’s Your Story?

Everybody has a story, maybe more than one, impacting your work life. A few years back while attending the SHRM National Conference in Orlando, Heather Abbott, a Boston Marathon bombing victim, gave a rousing 10-minute introduction to the conference. An HR executive whose life was dramatically altered after losing a leg in the tragic event. […]

Google for Jobs Is Incredible, but Your Jobs Aren’t on It!

Remember that time someone threw an incredible party. A party people talked about for months. It was THE event that included people you knew, people you wanted to know, and that one special person you had a crush on for years. Of course you remember that party. Why? Because you weren’t invited. Later you find […]

Four Trends Which Will Change the Face of Recruitment

The recruitment process is ever evolving. Technology has enabled recruitment with new directions to obtain quality talent. The more traditional methods have taken a backseat with the introduction of new tools and solutions. Now, companies have better opportunities than ever to add value to their talent pool.

Save automates graduate recruitment

What started as a simple way to solve the challenges faced by fresh graduates has evolved into a mission to one day see every South African suitably employed. offers a fully automated system to connect recruiters with graduates who are actively looking for opportunities. Its matching algorithm matches candidates to positions based on the […]

The Future of HR Tech Marketplace is HERE!

An upcoming trend in the HR Tech market, marketplace is a solution to many challenges. As an end-user, you can go to this platform to avail all the services you need. It is a one-stop shop where vendors and users come together to achieve their business goals.

The 3 Types of Work/Life Balance You’ll Encounter in Your Career

I did an interview for an open position at a client yesterday–during vacation, on the beach. That probably tells you where this post is going. Go ahead and fire up the comments about feeling sorry for me. About how my priorities are out of whack. About how I need to take care of myself. I’m […]

Save to launch branded workshops in schools

Chinese freelance marketplace (AKA, Zhubajie or “ZBJ Network”) will be working with Chinese high schools and technical colleges to launch more than 30 educational and working spaces on campuses across the country. This is according to company founder and CMO Liu Chuanyu.