Doing More With Data: The Challenge in Front of Talent Acquisition Analytics

At the 2018 CareerXroads Talent Acquisition Operations and Analytics Colloquium, 50 leaders in the field convened to discuss what’s happening and what’s next in operations and analytics. Across the two-day session, it became clear that these two TA disciplines are continuing to grow in importance and the organizations that are best at using ops and […]

Zhaopin CEO talks AI innovations

Zhaopin has been deepening its investment in AI technology over the past year, according to comments from CEO Evan Guo. The leading Chinese job platform employs AI algorithms to sift applications, job seekers, and available positions to help recruiters “finetune selections and boost success rates for open requisitions.” This article is only available to AIM […]

Finding a Job as a Newer Sourcer

I recently found myself in a very similar situation to many candidates I have worked with in the past, finding a new job. As recruiters and sourcers, we can quickly become accustomed to the rollercoaster ride of the employment market. Jobs can come, and jobs will disappear. Whether it’s from layoffs, contracts ending, or a […]

Direct From Women in Tech: Here’s How to Attract and Retain Us

More than half of U.S.-based women in tech say their ideas are ignored in meetings until a man repeats them. Are you kidding me? More than half also say they’re left out of professional/social events and are often assigned low-level tasks in their groups. More than a third of women say their appearance has been […]

An Interview With Candidate Experience Champion Gerry Crispin

The latest “career life story” here on ERE: Gerry Crispin’s. Crispin, who’s doing a short talk at ERE this October in Orlando, co-founded the colloquium company CareerXroads and later the Talent Board, which created the candidate experience awards. Recently he has helped in the creation of the Association for Talent Acquisition Professionals.

Seek invests $7 million in freelance site Workana

Seek has kept its appetite for investments in LatAm. It invested $7 million in Latin America’s freelance site Workana. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Seek invests $7 million in freelance site Workana appeared first on AIM Group.

Save restructures its job category, changes fees

In Poland, Naspers’ has restructured its job section and moved all job listings into 3 groups. The site has also introduced new fees for a single job listing and new packages of jobs listings. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post […]

Your Workforce Tools Are More Strategic Than You Might Think

This is not a typical article about attracting talented job candidates or retention — while a rich topic, it has become a little tired. There are volumes of research on employee retention – some focus on affirmative strategies; others on mistakes and pitfalls of the world’s most revered companies. And what is clear is that […]

Blue-collar startup receives seed funding

A Lagos-based online marketplace for hiring handymen and artisans, has raised $50,000 in seed investment to drive growth in user base and expansion. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Blue-collar startup receives seed funding appeared first on AIM Group.

Save closes its doors officially closed its doors on March 31. The site is one more job board that’s been shut down since Rocket Internet decided to close Everjobs. The company has also closed its Everjobs sites in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.  This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to […]

Four Ways to Turbocharge Your ATS Implementation

These days talent attraction (TA) departments are investing more and more in great technology. Rightfully so, TA teams around the world are hoping for an optimized process that builds team capacity and removes bottlenecks.

Appeals Court Says Prior Salary Doesn’t Justify Pay Differences

Just in time for Equal Pay Day, a federal appeals court today ruled today that an employee’s salary history alone is insufficient to justify pay differences between male and female employees.

How HR Can Build a Better Relationship With IT

In its 2018 digital workplace predictions report, Gartner notes that while IT can lead the charge during the digital workplace evolution, it will be more successful working closely with adjacent business units, particularly HR. Even though in an ideal world HR and IT are closely allied  within businesses, as long ago as the last decade […]

LinkedIn’s Love Affair With Video Rolls On With 2 New Features

LinkedIn first dipped its toe into native video July of last year. It was years behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but hey, better late than never. The move struck me as a simple me-too strategy to make sure the suit-and-tied social network didn’t look too uncool for school.