President Orders H-1B Visa Rules Reviewed, Tightened

On April 18, 2017, President Trump signed the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order (EO), which addresses H-1B visas.  The EO calls for the application of existing U.S. laws to visa recipients and the re-evaluation of the H-1B program.

Relax, LinkedIn Is Not Blocking XRay Search, But It Is Implementing a Nearby Search Feature

After a few months of rumors and speculation, LinkedIn officially announced a new version of their terms of service to its Privacy Policy and User Agreement via their blog. The changes will take place on June 7, 2017. Sourcers can breathe a sigh of relief as these changes are potentially beneficial for the super cybersleuths. In this announcement, LinkedIn highlighted […]

Jobs Report Brings More Bad News for Legal Employment

Employment in the U.S. legal sector took another hit in March, with the industry losing 1,500 jobs, according to preliminary data released Friday by the U.S.

‘Google Hire’ launches — perhaps this is Google’s job-board product?

Has Google quietly launched its long-rumored recruitment classified product? In the last few hours, a new site called “Google Hire” went live at the URL

Indeed Crowd Adds the Option to Get Paid ‘per Match’ with Amazon Gift Cards

Indeed Crowd launched August of last year, promising to reignite the pay-per-referral model that has seen so many crash and burn before it. For the world’s most popular job search site, the move seems like a natural progression to the existing business.

Onboarding Is Even More Critical for New Leaders

Is your new leader completely prepared for his or her new role in your business before he or she walks in the door?

These Are the 6 Things I Look for When Hiring Recruiters

Many industries are experiencing explosive growth, and that typically means you need incredible gifted recruiters. This is where I come in; my specialty is in hiring recruiters. My focus is all about incrementally building a team of recruiting professionals and leaders who will outperform where we stand today and be prepared to solve hiring problems […]

What Will You Say When They Ask Why They Should Work For You?

I do not care who you are, where you went to school, which union represents you, how smart you are, or how smart you think you are — executive, doctor, nurse — you are not entitled to work in a hospital.

What an employment background check may — or may not — find

A new survey for CareerBuilder by Harris Poll reported that about three-fourths of employers conduct background checks before they hire someone, and slightly more than half require drug tests.

One-Way Job Interviews, Really?

One-Way Job Interviews? Instead of speaking with a recruiter or hiring manager, some companies today are asking candidates to interview themselves. After completing a lengthy (often painful) job application, candidates are being required to record videos of themselves answering screening questions as an additional step of the application process. “Thanks for applying. Now please awkwardly record yourself answering […]

Facebook Testing Free Version of Its Slack Competitor

The workplace messenger war rages on.

Save relaunches its job category

OLX Romania relaunched its Jobs category with a fresh structure, new search engine and a special page and offer for employers.

Save expands westward, which calls itself “hyperlocal”, but only gets as granular as an entire U.S. state, is now in all 50 states plus DC.

$1 Billion Sale For CareerBuilder Could Be Near

Reuters news is reporting that a Chicago private equity firm is in talks to buy CareerBuilder for more than $1 billion.