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This Vendor Crowdsources Skills Tests

No matter how good we are at finding applicants for a job we can’t truly succeed in making a good hire if we can’t identify the best ones. One core tool we use for assessing candidates, the resume, isn’t so great because resumes contain very low quality of information — they are not good at […]

ZeroOneIntern releases KPIs

ZeroOneIntern (at, the biggest interns-recruiting site in Japan, has made decent progress in terms of user and company registrations and listings since its launch two and a half years ago.  The post ZeroOneIntern releases KPIs appeared first on AIM Group.

Save partners with local job verticals, a part-time and temporary jobs aggregator in Japan, has partnered with three top domestic recruitment verticals to increase offerings for its users.  This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post partners with local job verticals appeared first on AIM Group.

Another Mobile Jobs App Enters the Fray, Meet Merlin

Last year I began noticing ads in my Facebook feed for a jobs play called Merlin. I had never heard of it before seeing the ads, so didn’t pay much attention to it. There are a flurry of startups in the mobile job app space and this was just another one in a long line. […]

Jobg8 Announces Google Cloud will Present Cloud Talent Solution at Its Annual Job Board Summit

After his sell out session at the Job Board Summit 2017, Jobg8 is excited to have Google Cloud’s Tarquin Clark return to the UK to share how Google’s Cloud Talent Solution works to improve the job …

Monster Teases Mysterious iPhone App

Launching soon? Monster Studios

Analytics Can Play a Key Role In Career Planning Conversations

Careers used to progress linearly. You’d start at the bottom and climb up the rungs of a clearly defined ladder until you retired, but the world of work has changed so much. Many organizations don’t have defined career tracks anymore, either because the ones they have are no longer relevant or because the next rung […]

The Critical Role Communication Plays In Every M&A

Earlier this year, AT&T completed its acquisition of Time Warner in an $85 billion deal that will reshape the media industry. Together, Cigna and Express Scripts will fundamentally change the insurance industry. And Amazon turned retail on its head by acquiring Whole Foods. While these are just three examples, they provide a backdrop to one […]

Design of Work Experience: A Different Way of Customizing the Culture

You may be thinking, “Another culture model? Who needs another tool?” Given all that’s out there, the skepticism is well-founded. This one, however, fills a much-needed gap when it comes to culture-building. Design of Work Experience (DOWE) is a concept, framework, and methodology that provides the step-by-step needed to create, implement, and sustain culture customized […]

5 Ways to Leverage Technology to Get the Most From a Job Fair

Recruiting the right talent for your business has always had its share of struggles, but in today’s job market, with fierce competition and wage stagnation, it can feel downright impossible. A Glassdoor study said it takes 23.8 days to make a hire and the process costs an average of roughly $4,129 per hire in 2016 […]

New job site launches in Nigeria

With good understanding of the millennial workforce, is deploying social media to actively engage job seekers, providing information on opportunities and career development. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post New job site launches in Nigeria appeared first on AIM Group.

Save launched in Japan

Tokyo-based Internet media business Bijin & Co. has launched a matching service to connect women who want to work as models with advertisers at  The post launched in Japan appeared first on AIM Group.

Gebeya acquires Coders4Africa

One of the longest existing technology talent recruitment companies in Africa Coders4Africa has been acquired by another company running similar business model Gebeya. This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Gebeya acquires Coders4Africa appeared first on AIM Group.

What the Missouri Right-to-Work Vote Means for Employers

n a sweeping victory for labor unions, Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected a right-to-work law which sought to ban unions from requiring union fees as a condition of employment in Missouri. By capturing 67% of Tuesday’s vote, opponents of the measure prevented employees in unionized workplaces from opting out of joining a union or paying union […]