Career Confessions from GenZ: What Does GenZ Want From You at a Career Fair?

Career Confessions from GenZ: What Does GenZ Want From You at a Career Fair?

Career Confessions from GenZ is a weekly series authored by Cameron Sackett, a Sophomore at the Univesity of Michigan majoring in Communications and Advertising. Make sure you connect with him on LinkedIn:

Honestly, there is nothing more terrifying to me than a career fair! It seems almost like speed dating, where you have to make a lasting impression and a meaningful connection with someone in a matter of minutes. While I’m not sold on this option as a way to find potential jobs/internships, it is a great resource for most college students to find jobs.

Disclaimer: I have never been to a career fair, so my opinion is based on hypothetical situations. When I attend one, there are certain things that will definitely catch my eye.

1.SWAG: I honestly don’t care what it is, but I’m a “broke” college student and I love free things. Whether it be a notebook, lanyard, or even a dang pen, swag draws me in immediately. At the University of Michigan’s club and activities fair my friends and I will walk around for hours with the sole purpose of collecting as many free things as possible. My suggestion is to bring snacks to give away, slap a company logo sticker on the package and your set!. While this might not be as long-lasting as maybe a lanyard, I am way more likely to actually use it and therefore, think more fondly of your company!

2.PEOPLE: This is completely opinion based, but I personally feel more comfortable talking to women than men. Personally, I think that talking with a male fosters a more competitive atmosphere, thus making me nervous and less likely to approach a table. Now when it comes to women, especially in their 30s and 40s, I feel right at home. This is probably because my Mom is my best friend, but I would feel more comfortable approaching a table with a middle-aged woman at the front.

3.BRANDS: Obviously recognizable brands are definitely going to have a leg up on the competition. I’m going to be way more compelled approaching the Google table rather than a company I’ve never heard of. This is when you have to play the game by creating a cool/modern display (maybe with some technology) and bringing some sweet swag (free T-Shirts are golden for getting college students – especially if you incorporate the actual school logo). I believe the most important goal for less recognizable companies at a career fair is to be memorable and remembering the audience you’re catering to is vital to achieving this.

As I get closer to the impending doom of adulthood, I will probably have more experience with career fairs, so look out for part 2 in about a year! My biggest piece of advice is to remember the audience you’re working with: insecure, desperate, tired college students that want a job as badly as you want to fill your positions! And if you need anyone to try out some swag, I think I could help you with that 😉



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