Bill of Rights likely won’t shield your employment prospects

Bill of Rights likely won’t shield your employment prospects

Americans routinely invoke constitutional amendments as protective shields, but the Bill of Rights only protects Americans from the government limiting their freedom to speak, assemble or exercise liberty.

Imagine the Ku Klux Klan member who returned this week after his image appeared on television screens across the country, and how an African-American co-worker might feel.

Federal and state laws, not constitutional amendments, forbid employers from allowing an environment where people are discriminated against based on gender, race, ethnicity, national origin or religion.

[…] neither federal law nor Texas law protect people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or sexual activities.

People who attended a sex club in West Texas learned this in 2010 when a Christian militant group known as Repent Amarillo began recording the license plates in the parking lot.

Yet businesspeople reveal their intolerance when they fire people whose only misdemeanor is not conforming to a portion of society’s expectations, and this is when demonstrating loyalty to a hard worker is critical.