Best Practice Awards 2020 inviting nominees from all over the world

Palm Beach, FL: Leading Research Consortium Best Practice Institute is inviting nominations from all over the world for its esteemed Best Practice Awards 2020. The most coveted award in leadership and management, the BPI Awards aim to honor executives, innovators, CEOs, practitioners, and consultants who have been able to create a remarkable positive impact on their organizations despite upending cultural and economic norms brought on by Coronavirus. 

“In light of all of the disruptions that the Coronavirus crisis thrust upon us globally, we wanted to focus specifically on leaders that represent the best in business resiliency and diversity & Inclusion,” said Louis Carter, CEO, and founder of the Best Practice Institute. “Presently, we are inviting all interested nominees from all over the world, to apply and show the world how they brought a positive impact on their workplace and the world overall.”

Award categories include:

CEO Award – For CEO leaders that have been committed to developing top talent and have a track record of success connecting business strategy to talent management

Practitioner Award – for director or executive level leaders that have successfully implement a program that includes a clear process beginning with a business need, engagement

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